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Hard Fast
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Have a show coming up and you need to get hard, fast? Looking to shed some subcutaneous bodyfat for the summer and bring out

some peak muscular definition, fast? Need a quick, easy- to-use training shake that’s nutrient-dense and contains 32g of

protein per serving? Look no further than Hard Fast. Simply put, taking Hard Fast is like taking a dozen separate

supplements: a meal replacement powder, a protein shake, a diet supplement, an energy product, a lipotropic, a performance

booster, a recovery supplement. The list goes on. Hard Fast takes over 90 different ingredients, and combines them into a

single convenient shake. Like most meal replacement powders, Hard Fast starts with the basics: over 30 grams of protein and

50 grams of high-performance carbohydrates. The protein comes in the form of a unique matrix consisting of high quality

instantized whey (alpha lactalbumin-rich) and egg white proteins. For energy, we’ve selected high-yield carbs such as glucose

polymers and maltodextrin to rapidly restore lost glycogen due to training. To this basic mix, we’ve added 14 required

vitamins and minerals. But what truly sets Hard Fast apart from other conventional MRPs is the other ingredients. And you get

plenty of them. In every serving of Hard Fast, you also get the following ingredients: anabolics, anti-catabolics, ergogenic

boosters, ATP co-factors, metabolics, thermogenics, lipotropics, insulin and glucose potentiators, buffering factors, herbal

optimizers, detoxifiers, joint support, and digestive enzymes. Without a doubt, Hard Fast is the most complete, most

nutritious nutritional shake on the market today. Because of its unique and comprehensive formula, Hard Fast is the most

versatile around. In smaller servings, you can use Hard Fast as a high-performance, thermogenic meal replacement when you’re

dieting down. Because of its anabolic factors, you can use Hard Fast as an effective weight gainer in larger, more frequent

servings. Because of its energy herbs and its combination of efficient, high-yield carbs, extremely bioavailable proteins,

and low fat, Hard Fast could be used as a pre-training energy shake. As a general nutritional supplement, you can even use

Hard Fast in the off-season to get complete nutrition and stay lean. All in all, Hard Fast is a superb bodybuilding

supplement. It’s the only supplement you can buy that has a dual anabolic-metabolic function. Hard Fast, without a doubt,

will get you lean and hard in no time flat.


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