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Introducing ErgoLean AMP from ErgoPharm. This monstrous breakthrough represents a culmination of years of research, trial and error. Since the ephedra-free products have all fallen short of providing the buzz that drove the true frenzy associated with ephedra-based fat burners, Patrick Arnold and ErgoPharm set out to deliver where others failed. Thermo-Stimulant Gadgets Geranamine™ is a naturally occurring compound with adrenaline-like properties that has very potent and noticeable energy producing effects. It also has a very low toxicity (as determined by LD-50). Compared to ephedra its subjective effects are more central than peripheral, leading to a much more pleasant and tolerable energy enhancing experience. Chocamine, a powerful stimulant possessing hunger-demolishing properties, earns inclusion in ErgoLean AMP. Chocamine contains several natural ingredients to both thwart hunger and stimulate the central nervous system. Caffeine is well established as a fat-burning gadget. Its presence in AMP, coupled with Geranamine™ and Chocamine, makes this new weapon the most powerful and effective fat burner/energy enhancer on the market today. No more puny ephedra-free products to serve rations of continual disappointment. ErgoLean AMP is a creature created to intimidate body fat, to pour electricity into your brain and to light a fire under your ass. The Monster has been created and there is nowhere to hide.


As a dietary supplement, take 2-4 capsules a day. Best if used prior to strenuous exercise or whenever maximal mental and physical energy demands are required .



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