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Super Energy Pack

Super Energy Pack
Demande Spéciale

Special Request


Shayanashop crew gives you the chance to try 4 different energizers, for a special price, so you can pick which one suit you better.  Try the supercaps, probably the most known energizer around, the ultra boost herbal dynamite, the Jag and the El tigre. These 4 products will give you a huge energy boost!
The supercaps mimics the effect of adrenaline on the body. By increasing blood flow and oxygen intake, it increases your energy and concentration abilities and will suppress your appetite for a period from 6 to 10 hours.
The herbal dynamite combines impressive doses of two of the strongest natural energizers available. Taken together, the synergistic effect sets off a chain powerful reaction giving you more energy, both mental and physical. It also increases resistance and gives a clear mind.
The Jag help you to get rid of excess fat while giving you an extra amount of energy to party or just to help on daily tasks!
If you want to release the animal inside you, just take el Tigre and go out to conquer the town.

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