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Dr. Grinspoon

Dr. Grinspoon
Demande Spéciale

Special Request


Named in honor of the brilliant cannabis advocate, this is a strain destined for connoisseurs and intellectuals alike. As if channeling the brilliance of Dr. Grinspoon himself, this sativa is a top choice for creative, introspective thinkers as it induces heightened cerebral activity and sensory awareness.

This pure sativa heirloom bred plant grows thin and tall, and requires a longer flowering time. The mature plant rewards patience with seductive earthy and honey flavors produced from buds that grow like berries on twig stalks in unusually gapped popcorn formations. The fragrance off the buds is of sumac and lemon, and the smoke is light and tangy with citrus and tropical fruit aromas. Dr. Grinspoon offers a strong, long-lasting, energetic and cerebral high. Old school Sativa of the highest order, Dr. Grinspoon is first class cannabis!

100% Sativa
Indoor / Outdoor / Greenhouse
150 – 170 cm
90- 100 days
300 – 400 g/m2
Cannabis Cup Winner


Happy, Uplifting, Euphoric, Creative, Inspired
Nous n'envoyons pas ce produit dans les pays suivants:
Germany , Norway , Switzerland

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