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Royal Automatic

Quick and easy like all of our autoflowering varieties, Royal Automatic adds a quick-flowering Sativa to the auto mix, which results in the plant’s boosted height. Still a compact plant, but taller than many autoflowering varieties, it will grow to a height of 60 to 90 cm.
Royal Automatic will be ready for harvest 8 to 9 weeks after planting the seeds. The plants can smell quite strong during flowering, giving off a rich, spicy, almost fruity aroma. This smell only improves after the plant is dried and cured. The buds are not as dense as some other autoflowering varieties that are more Indica dominant. However, the yields are of a good quality and each plant can produce up to 55 g if grown well.
Genotype: Sativa/Indica
Sex: Feminized autoflowering Seeds
THC: 10-15%
Grow: Indoor
Flowering Time: 8-9weeks
Yield: M


The effect is physically uplifting with a clear, happy high.

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Excellentes graines et breeder. 3 graines germées, 3 femelles et un bon résultat (environ 50gr pour 3 plantes) sympa si on a pas le temps de prendre des régulières.

Merci shayana ça compense des colis perdus ....

elle sont vraiment efficaces. Sur 5 graines les 5 ont germé le rêve quoi ^^. Le goût est pas mal lui aussi et ses effets pareil. Livraison un peu tardive mais respectable rien a dire. Reçu en 2 semaines et je tiens a préciser que j'ai payé cash le retard viens peut-être de là ?