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Thermometer Lcd

Thermometer Lcd
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term.jpg Thermometer LCD

Temperature Range: -50c ~ 99c

Accuracy: 1 c (-30c ~ +40c)

Operating Temperature: -5 c to + 50 c

Humidity: 5% to 80%

Resolution: 1 ( ? -20 c ) 0.1c( > -20c)

This item only have the C display.

Dimension: 48 x 28.6 x 14.3mm

Display size: 36 x 16mm

Installation size: 46.2 26.7mm

Sensor Cable Length: about 1 Meter

Power Supply: two button batteries (battery type: LR44/AG13 voltage: 1.5V)

Especially applied in refrigerator, chiller, deep freeze etc.

LCD display Hc when temperature is higher than 99c.

LCD display Lc when temperature is higher than -50c.

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