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Skunk Power - Easy Outdoor And Indoor Marijuana Ga

Skunk Power - Easy Outdoor And Indoor Marijuana Ga
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This handbook tries to work together the author's personal growing experience with an adequate bibliographical survey, a good part of the world's literature on marijuana cultivation has been revised for the reader while living in Amsterdam, many of those modern strains such as Jack Herer, Afghan or Super Silver Haze have been raised and tasted for the public.
We will examine the life and death of a wild grass named Hemp or Marijuana, a plant manipulated by men for their various needs: rope and paper, but primarily marijuana and hashish. Anybody who spends money in cannabis being from Britain or Australia, from Ireland or South Africa, from Germany or Japan, from Sweden or New Zealand, from Italy or the USA, should grow cannabis indoors (closet or ventilated corner) or outdoors (backyard or guerrilla) to avoid contact with the hash and marijuana black market; each and every grower can and will operate in identical climatic condition all year round: i.e. during Winter marijuana growers from the northern hemisphere enjoy their own golden crops having just harvested and cured the precious buds while, in the southern hemisphere's hot summer, all ganja growers are fully busy in balconies, gardens or "open field" spots, nursing their cannabis hybrids until harvest time. The author wishes to point out that the practice of Indoor cannabis cultivation with artificial High Pressure Sodium lamps has no time of year: modern marijuana strains, such as Super Skunk or White Widow, were bred to grow short and bloom plentifully even in extreme environmental condition: Skunk Power will help every reader to realize his own "square meter of Happiness", making "three square feet of green pleasure" real and maximizing the performance of modern strains.

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