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It's been a long time since the 1960's (in more ways than one), when the flow of information about psychedelics slammed into a wall of ignorance and fear. Humar research hit the same wall when psychedelics became, according to proleferating drug-control laws, too dangerous to study.
Well, that's history and lots of people still think LSD breaks chromosomes. GET OVER THAT! With research cracking back up and advances in molecular biology and non-invasive brain imaging, there's a lot of new information about hallucinogens.
TRIPS has the latest findings in language anyone can understand, with help from some underground artists who grew up with psychedelics, regulators who control drugs, federal scientists who've spent careers studying them. TRIPS is real neuroscience for general audience, enthusiastically presented with color illustrations and bleeding-edge cultural analogies to show how the still-mysterious hallucinogens may work in the still-mysterious brain.

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