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ThermoLife International is now shipping the first tribulus terrestris product to ever contain more than 20% protodioscin. This is important because protodioscin is the active ingredient in tribulus terrestris that is responsible for stimulating the luteinizing hormone and raising testosterone levels (naturally). Most supplement companies just sell tribulus with no active ingredient. Hell, most companies do not even know what protodioscin is. To prove this we have commissioned analytical studies on 8 of the top selling products that contain tribulus terrestris. The results are a damning indictment of many of the fraudulent claims being made by some of the biggest companies in the unregulated industry of dietary supplements. The lab reports are posted right here so you can see for yourself just how much active ingredients these products don't have. Anybody who tries the new Tribosten will know the difference. ThermoLife International is the first and only company to ever release a tribulus terrestris based protodioscin product of this magnitude.



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