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Yohimbe Ultra

Yohimbe Ultra

Maximisation du Sex appeal
Augmente l'énergie, l'intensité et l'endurance
Décuple les Orgasmes
Favorise la perte de graisses
Effets Aphrodisiaques (Complément sex)

Le Yohimbe est un des complément les plus utilisé par les hommes et les femmes depuis bien des années. Le Yohimbé Ultra contient des extraits d'écorce de Yohimbe, bien connu pour son effet aphrodisiaque, antioxidant et aminscissant.

C'est le complément le plus efficace à bas d'extrait d'écorce de Yohimbe disponible sur le marché. Pour une puissance et une performance ultime, ne cherchez pas plus loin que Yohimbe Ultra!


Pour des résultats optimaux, commacez avec une (1) capsule pour mesurer votre tolérance, et ingérez la 30-60 minutes avant l'effet désiré.


Nous n'envoyons pas ce produit dans les pays suivants:
Germany , Norway , Switzerland

Commentaires Yohimbe Ultra Partagez votre expérience


having tried several powders yohimbe, I can tell you that c is what is done best and strongest on the market and very far
but I post this comment to warn all the same to a certain danger
being a regular products like this I find the dosage of far too large capsule; 1 quart of the amount is more than enough, the rest as the commentary preceding the already mentioned, it will make you spend a night, seeing two night without sleep and with big palpitations sometimes surreal;
not to mention that c is an activator that stimulates substances that can be combined with
For my part I use a powder mixed with milk pinched for it is very strong and as irrtant in the throat;
preferably if you combine the ad vouler other products, it is worth taking the last as short careful this does not kidding at all but what quality


Well I'm kind of balance... I mean this is so strong...( was ready to start with two thought it would be like a joke but geez...) I started to feel right after the supposed time like my heart will blow ( took three or four usual coffee before but still) I was shaking so heavily so I thought a bit of guitar could relax but I was trembling so strong I had to give up the idea. After a Xanax it went a bit Allright till finally I went to bed for the night... In the morning I had the wurst belly pain but I went to work ( please God I have to go l after an hour and a half of pain ( in the subway awfull) it went better but still I felt like hangover fot a day. When I went back home I tried an half... Same ( tired, nauseous) so I quite till I got informed and realized you got 24mg of the active stuff wich is by far very stong ( usual are between 2mg and 8 mg per pill l so as was said in the comment below or under yes a quarter must be more than enough ( you can tell when the powder goes on your tongue that's stronger than black pepper

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