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High Energy And Mental Focus In A Convenient Effervescent Packet!

Xenergy was formerly known as Neuro Edge. Xenergy edge does not contain ephedra alkaloids. Instead, Xenergy contains a combination of safe ingredients used to increase both mental and physical energy. This patented product was formulated by a registered pharmacist and underwent rigorous testing before the product was introduced onto store shelves. Below is a summary of the ingredients and their synergistic function.

N-Acetyl-Tyrosine - An amino acid present in dietary proteins and produced naturally in the liver and brain. The body utilizes tyrosine during stress-related activities and mood deterioration to increase norepinephrine stores. Tyrosine has been the subject of decades of published research verifying both its effectiveness and safety. It has been shown to improve mood and enhance both mental performance and reaction time.

The brain converts tyrosine to the stimulatory neurotransmitters dopamine, norepinephrine, and epinephrine (the last two being the famous "fight or flight" hormones), known collectively as catecholamines. Approximately 95% of the brain?s catecholamines are synthesized directly from the amino acid tyrosine.

During the early 1980's, MIT scientist Richard Wurtman discovered that tyrosine, when combined with a catalyst, "enhances performance, improves subjective vigor, decreases fatigue, diminishes subjective confusion, and decreases tension and anxiety." Subsequent preliminary studies performed by Dr. Jeffrey Stout of Creighton University found that tyrosine, when administered about an hour before working out, increased mean peak torque by 28.3% (during a set of 15 leg extension).

In short, the evidence is strong that supplemental tyrosine can improve performance as well as increase energy levels, along with a host of other subjective feelings of mental ability and well-being.

Other Ingredients

Vitamin B12 - Involved in red blood cell formation and neurotransmitter synthesis. This vitamin is most noted for its ability to facilitate energy and boost the immune system.

Vitamin C - Used as energy aids, antioxidants and to boost the immune system. These vitamins in combination are essential for the metabolism of tyrosine, the main ingredient in Xenergy.

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