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Vazegreen Hash - Hhc Disposable Vape

Vazegreen Hash - Hhc Disposable Vape
1 Vape Pen - HASH
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Vazegreen_Mini_HASH_01.jpg VAZEGREEN HASH - HHC Disposable Vape
HASH – 55% HHC - 30% CBG - 5% CBC - 10% NATURAL TERPENES

Discover the vaping of HHC and cannabinoids from Cannabis Sativa L. with the VAZEGREEN MINI disposable! A few puffs are enough to enjoy all the benefits of HHC and Cannabis Sativa L extracts.

Thanks to the innovative VAZEGREEN formulations, this HASH vape contains 0.5 ml of e-liquid composed only of HHC and 100% natural cannabinoids and terpenes from Cannabis Sativa L.

• Pure Hash Flavor
• 0.5ML - Up to 250 puffs
• Uplifting, euphoric effects
• Discreet and fun way to enjoy HHC


According to various studies and numerous testimonials: HHC will cause a relaxing effect, CBG acts on pain receptors and generates an analgesic effect and CBC will bind with other receptors in the human body and act on the transmission of signals relating to pain and inflammation.


Inhale small puffs, ideally 1 to 3 puffs spaced 2 to 3 minutes apart per session. Store at room temperature and protect from sunlight.


The VAZEGREEN MINI formulation has been designed to make the most of the benefits of HHC and the cannabinoids used.


Cannabis Sativa L. natural extracts, cannabis Sativa L. natural terpenes, passionflower, passiflora edulis extract and mango extract.


18+ KEEP AWAY FROM CHILDREN & PETS. DO NOT DRIVE OR OPERATE MACHINERY. Ne pas utiliser avant 18 ans. Si vous êtes enceinte, allaitante ou suivant un traitement médicale, consultez votre médecin. Ne pas dépasser les doses prescrites. La consommation peut affecter l'habilité à conduire ou à utiliser des machines. Ne pas mélanger avec des boissons alcoolisées. Avertissement sur la Santé
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Austria , United Kingdom

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